Inspire Education

Inspire Education

As teachers, we believe the best way to internalise new knowledge is to find relevant applications for it.

We provide an immersive 3D environment where children interact with characters and artefacts across time and location to broaden their knowledge, make connections, deepen their understanding of a topic and refine literacy skills along a progression pathway. Coupled with a research backed pedagogy, children gain mastery of reading and use this foundation to develop writing capabilities as well as essential C21st skills, from imaginative design and emotional intelligence to critical thinking and analysis.

Children love our interactive, immersive 3D animations where every scene is rooted in real history.

Each scene is heavily researched to provide an accurate insight into life in distant lands and bygone days. From the pyramids of Giza to the Wild West, our scenes are designed to spark interest and curiosity in every child.

Writing Tips

With our partners, Philosophy 4 Children, we've created activities that focus on mastery of text, conceptual answering and explorative learning.

By thinking deeply about the underpinning social and moral themes, children gain a conceptual understanding of the text, helping them to produce meaningful written that demonstrates both self-awareness and a greater understanding of the world around them.

Made by Teachers, for Teachers

We’re a group of Literacy and PSHE specialists who have set out to provide activities that help deepen children’s mastery of reading. Through our innovative, highly-researched teaching method, children not only learn to understand and apply what they read, but also learn to analyse and evaluate information. This allows them to move quickly from knowledge acquisition to high-order thinking and skills.

Inspire Education brings learning to life.

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